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What We Offer


Looking to achieve your ultimate goals in a gym where its just you and noone else?

Our personal trainers have years of success and experience, fully qualified and here to help you every way possible.


This is where you and your friend, your partner your wife/husband, work colleagues come together and have your own private fitness session. Why train on your own when you can train with someone you know!


Circuit training, GoFitness Kettlebell Class, Pump Fitness, Dance Fitness, HITT Training, Metafit and many many more.



Head Instuctor in this club is Award winning World Champion Coach Mr Cathal Fegan 4th Degree Black belt, with coaching over 50 world medalist and over 50 All Ireland Champions in the last 5 years you cant go wrong with this class. There is always at least 3 Instructors at one time teaching the class to give you the student the best chance to learn the most successful martial art in the world.


Adult Self Defence, Woman only Self Defence, Teenager Self Defence & Children Self Defence taken by qualified male and female Black Belts.

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